Schoolgoers is establishing a school in Ghonghariya village, in southern Bihar, India. The school is a pilot, designed to enable access to schooling and to improve the educational outcomes of children whose circumstances hinder their engagement in the mainstream education system.

As of December 2019, land has been purchased and we are finalising designs for the school. We plan to commence construction by mid-2020.

Be a part of building our new school by making a donation. We are volunteer-run and your contribution funds school establishment costs.

The education challenge

Across the world more than 59 million children of primary school age are not able to attend school. According to UNESCO it will be another 70 years before all children have access to a primary education.

Several million of these children are in India, despite it being a country that offers free and compulsory education.

Efforts to increase enrolment in India have not improved school retention rates or learning outcomes, particularly for disadvantaged children. In rural areas, only 41% of Year 5 school students can read a Year 2 level textbook.


I live in extreme poverty. By working I am helping to support my family. I am one of 12 million child labourers in India. If I don’t work, my family cannot put a meal on the table.


I want to learn, but I live far from the city. There is a shortage of teachers, and they’re less willing to travel to rural areas.


I am a girl. My education is a lower priority for my family and there is a good chance I will marry before I finish all of my schooling.